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Henna Hind Overseas
Natural Henna ( Mehndi ) Powder
The English name of "Henna" is derived from Arabic word Ai-Hinna. In botanical term, it is Lawsonia Enermis. Henna is a paste made from powdered green henna leaves, which is grown in India. People all over the world continue to use henna for cosmetic, medicinal and healing purposes. Henna has been used for hair coloring, dying, conditional purposes, tattoo, on nails, also on hands and other body parts in the traditional marriage functions. Henna products are also used with other leaf powder like indigo to establish a great range of color. Hind Overseas supplies Henna leaf powder worldwide in bulk packing of 25kg, 50kg.

The various Honeys we offer are as follows:

  • Boosts hair growth, henna helps in the cure of hair loss.
  • It helps cure dandruff.
  • Its removes excessive heat from the body.
  • Its helps reduce headaches, aches and pain.
  • It is therapeutic and calming.
Herbal Henna (Hair)

There are many natural herbs along with Henna which have medicinal properties and is widely used in scalp treatment.

These herbs are added to enhance the effect of henna .The combination of certain herbs along with henna will be very useful for getting shiner and stronger hairs.

These herbs are :

  • Amla - Darkens Hair Color, Add Shine & Luster
  • Shikakai - Leaves Hair Clean & Shining
  • Brahmi - Promotes Hair Growth
  • Bhringraj - Makes Hair Luxuriant
  • Jatamansi - Prevents Graying Of Hair
  • Aloe Vera - Moisturizes Hair & Makes it Silky
  • Hibiscus - Rejuvenates Hair, Makes it Shiny & Silky
  • Methi - Conditions, Nourishes &Revitalizes Hair
  • Neem - Fights Scalp Infection & Prevents Dandruff
Henna Design Paste/ Mehndi Cone (Temporary tattoo)

Henna has been used to decorate various body parts. Henna tattoo paste and henna paste tube cones have become very much popular among people and body decoration artists. The paste form makes it easier for application, it gives more control to the artist while designing tattoos and decoration designs. For use on occasion of Eids,marriages , other ceremonies & Body Tattoos.

Natural Colourless Henna

Natural Colourless Henna is a powder which is basically neutral. It gives all the benefits of Natural Henna without leaving any color on hair.

Henna Oil (Mehndi/ Tattoo Oil)

Henna oil is just mix of essential oils and herbs which are used to make the natural dye of henna go richer, darker and brighter. It is mostly being used by henna tattoo artists; hence, it is also known as tattoo oil.

It is very simple and easy to use you just need to mix it with henna for getting darker and deeper tattoos. It can also be applied after tattoo has been designed by the artist. It will keep the henna damp and will help in getting the color dark. Application of this oil become necessary if you want the tattoos to last longer and look brighter.

Natural Indigo

Natural Indigo is a 100% pure herbal plant which gives deep Blue color. Indigo (Botanical Name : Indigofera Tinctoria) is known as “Wasma “in Arabic & Urdu language. This herb has the property of leaving the natural Indigo dye when applied. It is very much popular for hair coloring use because of its natural benefits. It can be used alone or can be mixed with henna for better results.

It is one the most preferred hair coloring agents as it gives dark shades of brown which slowly grows to black. It is known to give different shades like brown and mahogany when mixed with natural henna.

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